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It's a Birch Grove!



A division of TBG Furnishings, LLC

Birch Grove Furniture is built with quality craftsmanship and high quality materials to create a piece that is meant to last. We take time and care in each and every piece. It's a Birch Grove!

Built to order

Each piece is carefully crafted and made to order. There is no factory line here; we make sure each piece is of the best quality. Our founder has been making custom cabinets and doing trim work for over 30 years. We can build you custom furniture made to order with your needs and specifications. View a few of our custom furniture below.


Our Custom Furniture

Contact us to discuss your custom pieces.
We will work with you to design and build you a piece of furniture you can be proud to say "It's a Birch Grove!"  

Our Outdoor Furniture

The sun, bugs, and humidity take bites out of your average outdoor furniture all day everyday. Our rustic outdoor furniture is built sturdy using top quality decking and all stainless steel hardware and sealed with an outdoor water proofing stain. With quality craftsmanship and quality materials, Birch Grove Outdoor Furniture is built to last.